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Welcome to Semper Ads, your gateway to innovative advertising. Harness the power of AI and elevate your brand with expert strategies. Explore our services and stay ahead in the digital realm.


Our expert consultants at Semper Ads guide you through the evolving landscape of advertising technology. Gain strategic insights, navigate challenges, and stay ahead in the digital realm.

Digital Marketing

Transform your brand with Semper Ads’ digital marketing prowess. Leverage AI-driven strategies, data-driven insights, and creative excellence to amplify your online presence and drive unparalleled results.

Virtual Production

Experience the future of advertising with Semper Ads’ virtual production services. Immerse your audience in cutting-edge content, blending creativity and technology for a truly memorable brand experience.


About Us

Semper Ads is a trailblazing venture studio shaping the future of advertising technology. Led by founder Brett Jones, a visionary with a proven track record in the industry, our team excels in navigating the dynamic intersection of creativity and AI. We specialize in consulting, digital marketing, and virtual production, empowering brands to thrive in the digital era.

Beyond expertise, we’re driven by a commitment to innovation and a deep understanding of AI’s transformative power. With roots in the Frontier Tech ecosystem and a dedication to supporting startups, Semper Ads is not just a service provider; we’re architects of advertising excellence, guiding brands toward unprecedented success.

Our Team

Brett Jones


Semper Ads Founder

Chuck Reese


Chief Creative Officer

Amy Kiechle

Amy Kiechle


Junior Partner – Business Development

Brian Belisle


Advisory Board

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